There are many ways in which your club can generate income from the installation of the PickupWall system. The ideas presented below will create a more exciting and profitable season.

Rent "dead court" time. This basic idea is to charge a subscription or hourly fee for ball machine and PickupWall use. "Early Bird Specials" from 6:30-8:30am are especially popular. 2:00-4:00pm are also typically slow times for tennis clubs. Selling as little as 10 hours per week at $20/hr will pay the system off in as little as 7 weeks.

In a typical lesson, fifteen minutes are wasted picking up the balls. With the PickupWall, pros and students can take advantage of a full hour lesson and closer interaction, increasing the quality, and eventually the frequency, of lessons.

Start or expand your Junior Program. Most coaches and Pros know just how difficult it is to keep kids in a rhythm. Picking up balls breaks concentration and disrups progress. Having the PickupWall system allows coaches to keep kids hitting longer, leading to better outcomes faster.

Develop a program with eight to ten people on each court using a PickupWall, ball-machine, and/or teaching pro. Well-organized classes can easily accomodate this number of students without sacrificing the quality of tennis clinics.

Offer NTRP (National Tennis Rating Program) rating clinics. Using the PickupWall with this type of program enables the tennis pro to rate players more effectively and faster. The pro is able to stand on the same side of the court and examine the different strokes. With fewer balls to pick up, it is possible for a tennis pro to rate eight people per hour instead of just four.

Sell gift certificates for ball machine and PickupWall use. A great gift for any occassion at any time of year for people who need the motivation and the time to practice.

Run "Cardio Tennis" clinics for groups using a ball-machine and PickupWall. Less time picking up balls means more hitting and a better cardio workout.

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